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treat catching, flower wearing, hugging …

treat catching, flower wearing, hugging …


Next Available shoots

Ollie B’s Pet Boutique, 13 William Street, Herne Bay

The secure back room (no chance for doggy escapees) at Ollie B’s Pet Boutique will be the venue for our next shoot day on Saturday 25th May 2019. The sessions are half an hour long and cost 25, which includes an A4 print (extra print prices on the portrait info page). I’m mainly planning to do fun treat catching portraits as they’re hilarious and dogs love it (treats being repeatedly tossed into their mouths, doggy heaven!). But there’s the option of less crazy posing if that’s what you prefer. To book just select the date and time you’d like below. Any questions please email or call (links in the menu at the top).

(I reserve the right to use the photos for my own photography promotional purposes, but I will never sell them to a third party without first getting in touch with the dog’s owner and securing a signed model release form.)